Electron Pro Max: Price, Specifications, Features [2022]

Electron Pro Max: If you are looking for an electric scooter on a budget then you are on the right page. 

As you know, people’s changed their priority from Fuel vehicles to Electric vehicles or the EV market is growing day by day. There are some reasons behind this growth of EVs. The prices of fuels or petroleum are at a peak and normal people are not able to afford that much cost on a daily basis. That’s why people are choosing electric vehicles.

There are many electric vehicles companies present in the Indian Ev market but in this article we are reviewing an electric scooter named Electron Pro Max electric scooter from Electron Motors. 

At this time there are many types of issues detected in Indian EV’s. Every electric scooter has some issues with their hardware or software. What’s you reaction if I said Electron Pro Max fixed all those issues and tried to provide us with a good or affordable electric scooter. 

They introduced a technology named Phase Change Material which are able to protect our electric scooters battery to rich high temperatures. Because when a scooters battery reaches their peak temperatures then that can cause you a major accident.

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Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter

Electron Pro Max is an Hyderabad-Based startup and their Director Gurram Venkatreddy and Narayanareddy Vootukuru. They are going to launch their electric scooters in India. 

Electron is an Startup which entered the Indian Ev market with their three electric scooters named Electron Pro,  Electron Pro X, Electron Pro Max. These electric scooters are going to launch in India after some months. 

They tried to make a futuristic design on their Electron series electric scooters and Electron Motors patented those designs so that other companies would never copy Electron’s design. These electric scooters provide you with premium features in budget. 

Electron Pro Max Price

There are very huge fan base of this electron series in India and peoples are very excited for their launch and they are very curious to know tha price of this Electron Pro Max electric scooter and here I have told you the price range of these electric scooter and you are definitely going to love this EV. 

Before knowing about price there are many people’s who’s ask where i can but this electric scooter, so you can definitely ask for this electric scooter to your nearest EV dealer and if they are not able to provide you then you can directly contact to Electron Motors they will try to solve your problem. 

Price of Electron Pro Max are as follows & here I told the estimated price it was not right but we can definitely expect this price. 

On Ex Showroom Price₹1,79,980
On-Road Price₹1,93,699

Electron Pro Max Specifications

Electron Pro Max is an Indian Hyderabad based startup whose trying to deliver a value of money products in Indian Electric Vehicles Market and this startup is putting a lot of efforts to appear with good name in Indian EV’s market. So they especially take care of Specifications and Features of electric scooter. 

For this price range Electron has did a great job. Because there are a lot of competitors in this budget segments in Indian Ev market but their specifications or features are not good as electron’s. 

Ola has grabbed all budget EV market and this Electron Pro Max are able to kill Ola as experts are saying, like this is an “Ola Killer” electric scooter. 

Electron Pro Max Range120Km/Charge
Top Speed104Km/H
Charging Speed2-4 Hours
Acceleration 0 to 60Km6.7 Seconds
Motor Capacity9.6kW

Electron Pro Max Features

Features are an very important for vehicles because in India there are huge amount of people who’s only purchase a vehicles for their features. As it is Electron Motors provide a lot of useful features in this electric scooter. 

Electron Series got an futuristic look and their looks can easily attract customers and they tried to provide value to their customers in their price point. 

So let’s know about the features of Electron Pro Max.

SMART Digital DisplayAvailable
Digital SpeedometerAvailable
Smooth Software ExperienceAvailable
Fabulous DesignAvailable


If you are searching for best electric scooter under budget but you have to buy an electric scooter as soon as possible then you can skip this because this electric scooter are in testing phase and they will definitely take some time to deliver in market. 

But, on a other point if you has patience and you can wait until their launch then you can go for this electric scooter and i personally think this electric scooter are able to deliver a value for you money and you will never get any type of disappointment from it. 

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